Networks and Systems

The skills developed by Météorage on its own domestic market are available to operators of lightning detection networks through its knowledge transfer services, special tools and support services. 

1. Knowledge transfer


3. Support



1.Knowledge transfer

Engineering for lightning detection networks

Whether you are interested in setting up a lightning detection network, using lightning data in your own operations or supplying value-added services to your customers, Météorage can help you. From needs analysis to network design, from staff training to operational organisation, Météorage offers you precisely tailored services.

Market analysis

Lightning has a significant impact on human activities and as sensitivity to the risk increases, the need for appropriate information becomes crucial. Utility network operators are already making use of lightning information to optimise their operations. All industrial installations which depend on a good quality power supply, along with continuous processes, processes involving hazardous products and activities taking place in the open are all sensitive to lightning risk.
Météorage can help you assess market needs and priorities, develop a range of products and map out a business strategy.

Quality Certification

Lightning is a random, on-going phenomenon which cannot be directly predicted; however, the amount of energy involved is considerable and poses a major risk. The quality of lightning information and service continuity are key elements in achieving the level of confidence users demand.
Météorage can help you devise criteria to assess the performance of your lightning network, to design a redundant architecture and set up fault-tolerant systems, to create operating procedures to meet your customers’ expectations.





CATS is a flexible platform which provides a single entry point for all lightning data processing operations and customer services. CATS is based on industry standards and is therefore easily integrated into your production environment.
The CATS modular architecture allows a multitude of configurations, from a minimal lightning data archiving system up to a multiple redundant server solution capable of serving hundreds of users. The software architecture means its configuration can easily be changed over time.

The CATS toolbox

CATS is supplied with a software toolbox enabling generic products or specific applications to be constructed around lightning data. The CATS administrator can therefore prepare data extracts, custom output formats, help with one-off research programmes or create visualisation products for wider circulation.

Products for end users

CATS provides products for network operators and for external users. The product range meets the following needs:

To analyse the lightning risk

The bundled assessment product or statistical tool, preparing tables of values broken down by local authority or region

To anticipate thunderstorm activity

The lightning alarm service, real-time map or Web-based display.

To analyse the cause of an incident

Lightning strike certification, remote strike counter, incident correlation or lightning data analysis console.

To integrate data into a host system

(Database, computerised management system, forecasting tool,matching application etc.)

Datastreams in various formats





Support for CATS users

Installation of CATS at the operator’s site is carried out by Météorage, which means that full training can be provided on how to manage and use the system.
Users are offered a service contract covering online assistance and product updates.
An annual workshop is organised by Météorage for CATS users, enabling them to share their experiences, talk about what they want from the system and work towards future versions.

CATS service hosting for lightning network owners

The installation and training phases required to set up CATS can be avoided if a rapid launch is required or if the necessary human resources are unavailable. Météorage can connect to your detection network and generate data and services for your users.

Delegated operations

If you are unable to develop the market for lightning data in your country but such a need has been identified, Météorage can offer you a solution covering your operational requirements and business activities.

Transfer of skills

Having set up the detection network and data processing centre, Météorage can help you maintain the required levels of technical skill through training sessions and workshops. This is how we share the results of our technological watch with our customers, help them to improve the quality of their services and the efficiency of their operations; we can help plan future developments to their lightning system.