Who are we?

Météorage has been operating the French lightning detection network for the past 25 years. Météorage produces and distributes lightning risk prevention services in Europe for sectors such as industry, insurance, energy etc.. On the international market, Météorage offers turnkey lightning detection network solutions to weather forecasting services and network operators.

1. Who are we?

2. Our history

3. Our skills

4. Certifications

5. Organisation

6. Company details



1. Who are we?

Météorage has been operating its own lightning detection network since 1987; it has become one of the European leaders in lightning risk prevention.

Météorage designs, produces and distributes lightning information products for a broad spectrum of users, particularly in sectors such as industry, energy, insurance, weather forecasting services, transport, civil protection etc., as well as the general public.

On the international market, Météorage offers turnkey lightning detection network solutions to weather forecasting organisations and network operators (electricity, telecoms etc.).

Météorage also offers lightning information products to users worldwide through the global GLD360 network operated by Vaisala. 


2. Our history

Key dates:

  • 1987: Météorage founded in Paris by Mr Roubinet and the French lightning detection network set up
  • 1988: Development of CATS, the service production and network management software system, and of the JObs-Observation data analysis tool
  • 1990: Installation of two sensors in Switzerland as an extension of the French network
  • 1993: Company moved to the Technopole Hélioparc in Pau
  • 2001: Météo France takes control of Météorage with a second shareholder, G.A.I. (USA), which manufactures lightning sensors
  • 2002: Vaisala (Finland) buys out GAI and becomes a shareholder in Météorage
  • 2003: ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • 2008-10: Network extended to the United Kingdom and Ireland in partnership with Siemens (Operator of Germany’s lightning network)
  • 2009: Overhaul of the French network and Météorage Operations Centre
  • 2010: Installation of an experimental VHF lightning detection network in the Ile de France with Vaisala
  • 2012: Qualifoudre label
  • 2014 : Overhaul of the French network to the latest generation sensors


3. Our skills

-        Our core activity can be broken down into three aspects:

  • The operation of lightning detection networks
  • The development of software solutions dedicated to lightning information: CATS, JObs, online services
  • The design and marketing of lightning risk prevention products and services

-        The market strategy comprises two lines of business centred on lightning information:

  • As producer and distributor of lightning information services in Europe (France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and over most of Europe with Euclid network) for high-resolution data and worldwide for GLD360 data.
  • Engineering, expertise and support for the installation and operation of turnkey projects for lightning network operators through the export market. We currently have customers in Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Switzerland, Swaziland, Russia, New Caledonia and Indonesia

-        We are also engaged in additional activities outside our business activities:

  • Involvement in regulatory and standards watch groups
  • Information and training on lightning and risk management

High quality, reliability, continuity of services and the constant desire for improvement are at the heart of Météorage activity.


4. Certifications

Météorage has been ISO9001. The current certification relates to the latest version of the standard, dated 2008.
Météorage has been awarded the Qualifoudre label by the INERIS French institute.That label guarantees the quality of services linked to protection and prevention against lightning.In particular, it satisfies the French regulatory requirements as set out in the Decree of 19 July 2011 concerning ICPE classified sites subject to official approval.




 Météorage is organised into four different departments:


  • Technical: the operation of lightning detection networks, the production and development of software solutions
  • The marketing and sale of lightning information services in Europe
  • Lightning network projects for export
  • Management and Administration


6. Company details

Date founded: 1987

Legal structure: S.A.S (Société par actions simplifiée) with capital of €230,426

 Register of Companies of PAU B 339 528 218

SIRET n°: 339 528 218 00037

METEORAGE VAT No. FR 82 339 528 218

NAF/APE code: 7490B




  • Météo France 65%              


  • Vaisala (Finland) 35%


Dernier Logo Vaisala


Legal representative: M.  Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès, Chairman


Registered office:      


2, avenue du Président Pierre Angot

64053 PAU Cedex 9



Tel:             +33 (0)5 59 80 77 30

Fax:            +33 (0)5 59 80 77 31

E-Mail:         contact@meteorage.com

Website:       www.meteorage.com