Civil protection

Lightning information is important for preventing forest fires and managing floods.

Although less newsworthy than deliberate fires, lightning is however the cause of many forest fires. In France, lightning is thought to be the cause of 4 to 7% of forest fires; that number may be as high as 30% in the Les Landes forest (Source: DFCI).

The value of lightning information is therefore clear: precisely locating lightning strikes allows targeted inspection patrols; lightning can immediately cause a fire or cause a tree or the peat to smoulder away undetected until a fire breaks out one or two days later.

Lightning information is also an important guide for bodies responsible for managing river levels and flooding. It gives instant information about imminent precipitation as an addition to radar imagery.


Our solutions:


  • JObs: provides a lightning data processing centre
  • ExpertiseWeb: allows matching of fire breakouts to lightning strikes
  • Display: real-time monitoring of how thunderstorm activity develops.