The booming leisure sector is highly sensitive to lightning, given that its activities mostly take place out in the open. Météorage can help operators and the public be more aware of the risk.

The leisure sector is one of the most weather-sensitive sectors, due to the large number of open-air activities. Lightning is the 20th most frequent cause of death around the world, according to the National Safety Council (report on “injury facts 2012”).


Many theme parks, tourist sites such as castles or places of worship, but also ski lifts, camp sites or organisers of sporting or musical events in the open air are keen to implement measures to make their activities safe.


Informing the public of a risk involves issuing warnings for a variety of activities such as golf, open-air leisure activities such as rock-climbing, hiking, treetop adventure activities, but also sports such as football, cricket, baseball or rugby.

On 15/06/2012, during the European football cup held in Ukraine, the referee had to halt the France-Ukraine match given the severity of the situation: a lightning strike was recorded at 18:08 when the match had been suspended just 2 minutes earlier.

Theme parks are another place of heightened risk due to the presence of metal structures at great heights, as are lakes and pools which need to be evacuated in the case of a storm.



Our solutions:


  • Lightning alert, allowing a warning message to be sent to the site prior to an event, in order to evacuate certain high-risk areas (e.g. expanses of water, rides, sports grounds etc.)
  • Real-time display of strikes to grasp the extent of a storm and assess its development and movement.