A lightning detection network is capable of providing information which can be used by a number of users through specially designed products. Météorage has demonstrated that a market exists for lightning data and its value can help finance a detection network.

Detection network owners can become service providers


The owner of a lightning detection network is the prime user of the lightning data, but to develop their customer service credentials they can add further lightning-dedicated products to their offer; such products will therefore enable them to reach new users.

In addition to scientific expertise and the development of their own skills, the owner of a lightning network can benefit from network operations by controlling data quality and access to services.

The growing awareness of lightning risk will boost the network owner’s status and help increase the use of their products.

Furthermore, the possibility of selling on value-added services based around the network data will give the owner increased capacity to finance and update their system.



A large user community


Since lightning has a very great impact on power lines, electronic equipment, communications networks and open-air activities, many businesses are affected by this risk.

Products and services developed around lightning data can be used in various business segments, by utility operators (electricity, telecoms, broadcasting, water, gas and oil networks, etc.) and by major operators in aeronautics, the army, civil protection and insurance. They are also important for sensitive sites such as chemical plants, construction sites, hospitals, ports and gas works, sites and buildings with public access etc..

Lightning information will allow such users to adapt their operations, to find the cause of incidents and to plan repairs in such a way as to ensure greater safety and efficiency.

Lightning information is valuable in taking decisions on how to manage networks and sensitive sites in the case of a thunderstorm. Being able to provide high-quality lightning information to users helps enhance the natural role played by hydrometeorological institutions.