Protection of property and people

A risk analysis will determine the protective devices and preventive measures to be introduced to reduce those risks.

Météorage can offer recognised and effective protection arrangements for all sectors whose activity presents a risk to people and equipment.


Prevention solutions:


  • Lightning strike statistics for your site:find out your risk to design an appropriate protection system and find out the level of that risk.
  • Alert services:receive advance warning of the start and end of thunderstorm activity so that you can adapt your activities and implement suitable procedures.


Examples of steps to take:

  • stop handling flammable or explosive products
  • cease work at height.
  • shut down or secure sensitive equipment.
  • evacuate expanses of water (leisure, camping etc.)


  • Real-time display: Follow the development and extent of thunderstorm activity to guide you in securing the site.
  • Remote lightning strike counter: Get details about lightning strikes on your site so that you can record them and check for any possible damage, with priority given to safety devices (alarms – protection systems etc.).