Météorage can offer solutions to help you keep your site operating during thunderstorm activity.

In the industrial sector, production can be disrupted by electrical supply failures caused by lightning.

Such disruption to the electricity supply very often leads to machines stopping suddenly, production being lost and maintenance time being required to repair production equipment.

In addition to essential lightning protection measures, Météorage offers effective and recognised prevention resources enabling industry to anticipate periods of increased risk and prevent damage.


Prevention solutions:


The Lightning alert systems offered by Météorage enable the site to be informed of the arrival of a thunderstorm in time to implement suitable procedures and continue operations.

At the end of the storm, an end of alert message is sent to the site recipient so that normal activities can be resumed as soon and as safely as possible.

An example of safeguarding measures to keep sites operational:

  • Disconnection from the electrical supply grid and use of an independent power supply.
  • Optimisation of electricity generator running times through alert start and end messages.
  • Sensitive processes halted or reduced
  • Failsoft mode working implemented