New feature for our "Observation" service subscribers !

Météorage is pleased to present a new feature from our research works and has been the subject of several publications.

This is the identification of storm cells and evaluation of their severity through the analysis of "lightning jump", sudden increase in the number of lightning during the storm episode.

What are the interests of this innovation for the users of this service?

  • Better understand the contours of a stormy episode thanks to the representation of the cells
  • Be informed of the severity of these storm cells and the associated dangerous phenomena (high risk of violent winds, intense precipitation, hail falls, ...)
  • Estimate the direction of thunderstorm cells and follow their trajectory with a prediction of their displacement at 1 hour

This evolution is made possible thanks to the constant improvement of our network of lightning sensors and its ability to detect intra-cloud activity, but also thanks to the research and development work of our engineering teams

cellules 2

More information on the WObs service and the thunderstorm cells : 


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