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The entire Météorage team is pleased to present our new website:

From today, you will be able to browse our new sections and our pages and discover our services, our know-how or our experience.

Result of a work of several months of development, we had for priority to propose you a site responsive, multilingual and answering your uses.
It has been designed in all its aspects, to simplify your navigation.
Follow the storms in real time and around the world!

Follow all the storms around the world with our Lightning Density Map. Available from the home page of the site, you will also have the number of lightning detected by Météorage the day before and the annual cumulation in the World, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Benelux.

Discover our professional services for the prevention of lightning risks !

Evaluate the lightning risk, Be alerted of a storm threatening your site or your activities, Follow the evolution of the phenomenon, Check the impacts after the passage of the storm, etc ...

Météorage offers high quality services in reponse to the professionals needs in the field of lightning risk management in their establishments. You can discover all our offers in the heading "Solutions".   Météorage also offers lightning network installation solutions around the world.

A rich and varied content

Success Stories, Scientific Publications and Research Works, Videos, Testimonials, etc ...

Aa a major player in numerous research projects, strongly involved in lightning risk awareness, Météorage offers you a large part of its knowledge through free and open access resources.
We have been keen to highlight our knowledge particularly through various content, by simplifying access to information and a better synthesis of articles.

We hope you enjoy our new universe and wish you a good visit on