Météorage guarantees the availability of its services despite the epidemic

Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic, public health stakes and the impact on economic activity, Météorage takes measures to ensure uninterrupted services.

Mitigating the lightning and thunderstorms risk is crucial for our customers and a 24/7 availability of our service is then essential.

This is the reason why Météorage has been operating for a very long time, fully redundant production chains, operating 24/7, with supervision and support in telework conditions during weekends and public holidays. Thanks to highly experienced tools and processes, Météorage has a great experience of this operational that the new situation, created by the epidemic, leads us to develop from the next days.

The continuity of our customers’ services is fully operational. All Météorage employees have been working from home since Tuesday, March 17.
All your contacts are available to answer all your requests and your services are provided without any impact.

*Mitigation : The term Mitigation is specific to the prevention of major natural risks. It covers all the « measures required by regulation to moderate or alleviate environmental impacts» (Source pri.org)