METEORAGE participates at the 3rd European Nowcasting conference at AEMET Headquarters in Madrid.
Dedicated to recent advances and the improvement of Nowcasting techniques, that is to say the forecast of weather phenomena in the next 3 hours, this event is organized in the frame of EUMETNET network, gathering 31 European meteorological services.


On this occasion, one of our experts, Stéphane Schmitt, will present the results of his study : “using lightning data for nowvasting : performance & evaluation”, based on more than a hundred accidents in Europe between 2010 and 2018.
Complementing the previous results and based on real events, this new study confirms the effectiveness of lightning locating systems, such as Météorage’s network, to predict the occurrence of thunderstorms, revealing that more than 90% of the phenomena were predictable over 15 minutes before the accident.
It also gives a more precise idea of the types of human activities that have been the most impacted, namely professional outdoor activities and outdoor accommodation with regard to accidents that occurred in France.

All of these elements will, we hope, contribute to improve the mitigation of thunderstorm risk in the future.