An exemplary conduct to serve the community
"Our mission is to save lives and property by helping our customers mitigate the risks created by thunderstorms. We must fulfill this mission with the utmost standards and humility.
We strive for excellence as an international leader in our field, and are fully aware of the safety challenges that our customers face.

Such high standards can only be achieved through total control of all our processes, both operational and support, as well as a collective upholding of ethics by each and every one of our employees, who are nothing short of committed ambassadors.

We wanted to set out our rules of conduct, method of governance and principles of both collective and individual life in a reference document - our Code of Ethics - which underpins our commitment.

This Code of Ethics is intended first and foremost for all our employees, who must adhere to it in all their daily activities by cultivating the values of trust, mutual respect and responsibility that are established within the company.

It also sets out our commitments to our stakeholders: shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.

We are convinced that our continued growth and the robustness of our R&D department help to promote awareness about risk culture and prevention.
We endeavor to achieve our objectives with loyalty, integrity and transparency.

All our employees are involved in serving the community, and undertake to observe and enforce this Code of Ethics when carrying out their duties and responsibilities.”

Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès
Our policy for ethical and responsible development

To say that sustainable development is everyone’s business is more than just an exercise in rhetoric.
It is a fundamental and strategic choice which determines our purpose, concerns all of our activities, and is reflected in the day-to-day management of our team.

The independent body AFNOR Certification awarded Météorage’s CSR policy with the “Confirmed” level of its CSR Commitment label, the highest level before reaching “Excellence” and internationally recognized under the Responsibility Europe label. This achievement confirms Météorage’s exemplary conduct in serving the community and attests to its fully controlled processes, both operational and support, as well as a collective upholding of ethics by each and every one of our employees, who are nothing short of committed ambassadors, since the creation of the company. 

We incorporate sustainable development into all dimensions of our strategy to help create a better and more sustainable world for all. We want to set an example when it comes to corporate social responsibility by taking action to protect the environment, the well-being and respect of all our stakeholders, and, more broadly, for the collective good. Our commitment is rooted in our steadfast determination to have a positive impact on both society and the planet.

To support this effort, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Global Pact for the Environment by focusing on four main pillars:

A considerate and sustainable impact

Since its creation, Météorage has been committed to its users through the study of one particular raw material: lightning. As a dangerous climate phenomenon that comes with considerable risks, expectations are high, and this requires total dedication on our part.

First and foremost, we undertake to provide the best and safest solutions to help our users make crucial decisions during thunderstorms which can be dangerous. Through our knowledge of lightning and its risks, which we share as much as possible, we want to improve people’s health and well-being, bolster public safety as well as that of public services, companies, and their partners, and support the resiliency of core activities to a functioning society, such as energy production and distribution.

We are committed to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders, the community, and the environment. To do this, we do not only promote our commercial activity, but we also aim to bring about positive change within the public sphere.

We also protect the well-being of our employees who are committed ambassadors. We guarantee optimal working conditions and put dynamic initiatives in place regarding diversity, equal opportunities, fair treatment, and skills development.

Internal engagement

We encourage our team to contribute to environmental protection and the common good.

We take care of the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. We have undertaken considerable efforts in this regard. A responsible purchasing policy has been implemented that sets the very best standards in terms of environmental protection and corporate social responsibility.

For several years, we have been involved in developing knowledge on meteorological phenomena associated with thunderstorms and lightning. We make sure to take part in any event that can help us contribute to the public good, education, and teaching in our fields of expertise. We collaborate with the scientific and technical community in researching these phenomena, and we engage in efforts to raise awareness of the risks associated with lightning and thunderstorms.