Hertzian cable telecommunications networks and transmission relays are highly sensitive to lightning.

This sector covers network developers, operators, broadcasters and end users.

This is a sector undergoing massive change and huge growth, both among professionals and public consumers, with a high demand for service continuity. 

Where the GSM networks are concerned, a study carried out in 2005 in France by a major operator showed that of the 47,500 breakdowns recorded across all aerials on the network for the year, 51% of events were linked to lightning, and that it generally curtailed the service life of equipment even when there was no immediate damage.

As with electricity grids, both the direct and indirect effects of a lightning strike will cause disruption, service outage and damage to equipment, right down to the end customer (modems etc.).


Our solutions:


Météorage offers services to help these businesses manage and prevent their lightning risk:

  • “JObs” software to match customer reports and incidents to the presence of lightning strikes, to improve after-sales service, to warn users to turn off equipment when a storm is approaching, to analyse lightning strike statistics etc..
  • Lightning alert to start up an independent power supply such as a generator to guard against disruption of the power supply to local transmitters
  • Lightning strike statistics to identify those areas most at risk and prioritise the protection of networks in those areas, to match up incidents and/or breakdowns etc.