Météorage joins GTD and Météo France for the eWAS project

Météorage has recently collaborated with GTD and Météo-France and participated in the development of eWAS, an application developed by GTD for civil aviation.

eWAS provides and distributes real-time weather forecasts in real time.

These data are available and updated from the preparation and during all the phases of the flight. This service is accessible by pilots on the ground, in their iPAD and in cockpits, via the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), a connected device optimizing flight information management for crews.

Complete solution, eWAS provides a clear and reliable view of current and future meteorological hazards along the flight plan. This service is a real decision-making tool, contributing to safety, comfort and fuel economy thanks to better preparation and control of the conduct of the flight.

ewas ES

Thanks to its international experience (Vaisala GLD360 network), Météorage collaborated on the project by integrating storm cells on a global scale. The reliability of the data allows pilots to anticipate and observe storm events in real time and to estimate their trajectory.

illustration ewas

Since April 19, 2017, this solution is deployed to more than 3,500 pilots of Air France. Other airlines have already expressed their willingness to use eWAS for their own fleets in the coming months.
The entire Météorage team is proud to have contributed to the development of this program and congratulates its partners for the success of the eWAS project.