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Make the right decisions whatever your business & wherever your assets are

We cannot change the weather, but we can help you to mitigate the adverse effects of thunderstorms and lightning strikes on your business with our advanced services enabling anticipation, adaptation and improved risk prevention.

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Dedicated decision-making services

Applying our extensive knowledge of thunderstorms and lightning, we can design solutions just for you, with the best possible performance, to prevent risks affecting people, your business and your infrastructures.

CATS, our lightning services platform

A valuable toolbox for service production and user management, CATS is our integrated system for developing the exploitation of lightning data. CATS can be connected to any existing lightning detection network. If you do not have one, we can also install a complete turnkey network or provide access to a lightning data flow.

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Helping you manage your risks in a stormy world

Our mission

Thunderstorms and lightning are dangerous. The risks are sometimes considerable and the stakes are high.

Since 1987, we have been detecting and studying thunderstorms and lightning with one aim in mind: to save lives and protect property by providing solutions that enable our customers to mitigate the risks generated by these dangerous weather phenomena.

Proven expertise

Since 1987, we have been providing our customers and partners with unrivaled insights into lightning.

Thanks to our experience assisting our 4,000 users, we know how to provide solutions that are finely tailored to your requirements, as demonstrated by our 98% service renewal rate.

Être alerté : Message de début d'alerte et visualisation des impacts dans la zone.

Committed since our inception

We are committed to being a responsible company. We have been committed to our users and the community since our inception. 

Our knowledge about lightning and our ambitious R&D policy have contributed to the development of scientific and technical expertise.

In this way, we are helping to raise awareness and improve how people can protect themselves from the harmful effects of thunderstorms.

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