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Who are we?
Since 1987, Météorage has operated a lightning detection network in France, which was then extended to most of Europe.
Our services are also available worldwide. Météorage produces and distributes services related to preventing the risks associated with lightning for a large range of sectors, such as industry, transport, networks, leisure, tourism, National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHS), aeronautics, military, wind power...

Météorage is ISO 9001 certified and Qualifoudre approved. In 2019, it was awarded the OR’NORMES Trophy by AFNOR in the category “Protecting people and/or the environment”.

It is committed to CSR and its policy has been awarded the “Confirmed” level by AFNOR Certification—internationally recognized under the Responsibility Europe label. This represents an important recognition of the ethics and actions implemented daily by Météorage.

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