CATS, our lightning services platform

A valuable toolbox for service production and user management, CATS is our integrated system that develops the exploitation of lightning data. It meets the different needs of each end-user with tailored services. 

The CATS platform is already used by METEORAGE in Europe to serve several thousand end-users, as well as by many national meteorological services to meet lightning needs in their countries.

CATS can be connected to any existing lightning detection networkIf you do not have one, we can also install a complete turnkey network or provide access to a lightning data flow.

The main services available

In real time

Follow the evolution of the storm phenomenon and its severity (lightning jump) thanks to real-time observation interfaces for lightning strikes and convective cells with nowcasting information.

Be alerted to the risk of an impending thunderstorm to better protect people and property. This fully configurable thunderstorm warning system enables mass dissemination and has proven its operational effectiveness.

Past time data

Produce lightning activity reports, on a case-by-case or automated basis, to check the integrity of a site or confirm the origin of an insurance claim after a thunderstorm.

Assess the risk level of a site or geographical region using lightning statistics: maps (grids, administrative entities, specific infrastructures, etc.), values (lightning density, intensity, etc.).

With integrable data

Integrate lightning data into other tools using various flows (Websocket flows, file transfers, APIs, WMS flows, etc.).

User management

CATS is equipped with a tool for managing user accounts and the lightning services associated with each account. These accounts can be made accessible via a simple web browser, even outside the local customer network.

Reporting tools enable the administrator to study usage records and trace any particular event, such as a user connection or the processing of an alarm message.

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We support the South African Weather Service (SAWS). Read the press release about our partnership.

Key benefits

A tool tailored to every need

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