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Thunderstorms and lightning can cause damage that is visible to varying degrees, which can worsen over time, leading to loss of productivity and personal injury.

You want to identify whether a lightning strike is responsible for damage, for your internal analysis requirements or for insurance purposes.

As an insurer, you need a solution that is simple, cost-effective, stand-alone or even integrated into your own tools, to carry out these checks on a regular basis.

You want to save time by optimizing inspections of your site and infrastructures, but without missing any damage. With early warnings of lightning strikes that may have affected your installations, you can quickly take the necessary maintenance action.

If you are a victim of lightning damage, you must prove to your insurer that the damage has been caused by a thunderstorm.

Thanks to our online reports that you can receive automatically or create autonomously via your dedicated interface, you can:

  • confirm or dismiss the lightning origin of damage,
  • deal effectively with lightning-related customer claims,
  • optimize your inspection and maintenance process to avoid accidents, without losing any time.

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Expertise Web - Meteorage

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