Être alerté : Message de début d'alerte et visualisation des impacts dans la zone.

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Thunderstorms and lightning are major threats to the safety of people and property. They can also disrupt your activities on-site or in the field.

Anticipate risks with our real-time thunderstorm and lightning alarm solutions.

For one or more sites, for your worksites, your mobile teams or a one-off event, whatever their location, our professional alarm solutions help you protect your personnel and your operations.

You will be alerted by email, SMS and/or an automated voice call so that you can:

  • anticipate the imminent arrival of thunderstorms and the severe weather hazards that accompany them (strong wind, hail, intense rainfall, etc.),
  • resume your operations as soon as the danger has passed thanks to End-of-Alarm messages,
  • protect your teams and the public by organizing their timely evacuation to safety,
  • secure your installations to limit the risk of damage caused by lightning and bad weather.

Our various automated alarm services are designed to adapt perfectly to your business. 
Provided by our 24/7 operations center, they comply with the international IEC 62793 standard for thunderstorm warning systems.

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