We are proud to have been awarded the 'Confirmed' level, the highest level before excellence, of AFNOR Certification's Engagé RSE label, which is also recognised internationally under the Responsibility Europe label.

Since our inception, our driving purpose to protect lives and property by mitigating the risks generated by lightning and thunderstorms, has firmly anchored our social commitment at the heart of our values and of all of our missions.

Choosing to adopt the CSR Commitment label sends a strong message: the recognition of being a responsible organization that is committed to the sustainable and positive development of its operations.

For our team of committed ambassadors, above and beyond the award of a label, this achievement is a resounding attestation of our ethics and of the actions we implement every day. It is also an acknowledgment of our social responsibility, which has been part of our culture and organization for more than 35 years.

In this perspective, by joining the community of 235 organizations that have been awarded the CSR Commitment label, we reaffirm our conviction that Meteorage must make a positive contribution to the world and work towards the sustainable development of all our activities.

Thank you to all of Meteorage’s employees and to our partners for their trust in us.

Meteorage's CSR approach has been certified by the independent body AFNOR Certification at the "Confirmed" level of its Engagé RSE label, the highest level before excellence, and internationally recognised under the Responsibility Europe label.

Meteorage joins the community of 235 companies with the CSR Commitment label.

This achievement confirms Meteorage’s exemplary conduct in serving the community and attests to its fully controlled processes, both operational and support, as well as a collective upholding of ethics by each and every one of our employees, who are nothing short of committed ambassadors, since the creation of the company.

This certification is managed by AFNOR Certification and is more demanding than a self-declaration. It requires an audit to assess objective evidence of the control of the social, environmental and economic impacts of its activities. In September 2022, an AFNOR Certification expert evaluated all of Météorage’s departments and activities over several days, and held discussions with some of its external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.) and internal stakeholders (employees, staff representatives, etc.). The label attests to the comprehensiveness and consistency of Meteorage’s CSR policy. It is also an indication that the company has established a dialog with its stakeholders to better understand and respond to their expectations.

Meteorage is consolidating its long-standing commitment to contributing to sustainable development and to the continuity of its mission.

Meteorage’s CSR values are genuine and tangible, and its directors provide the appropriate leadership on a daily basis. They are backed up by a motivated team that actively and enthusiastically works toward achieving our CSR goals. Météorage has an excellent reputation among the stakeholders representing its sphere of influence. Those who were interviewed during the evaluation judged Meteorage’s social, societal and environmental policies to be highly satisfactory. […] In conclusion, Meteorage deploys a CSR policy (following the recommendations of ISO 26000) in a remarkable and dynamic way, meaning its results have improved to reach the “CONFIRMED” level on the “CSR Commitment” evaluation model scale of values,” stated Muriel Lassus-Pigat, independent evaluator of the CSR Commitment label for AFNOR Certification, in the conclusions of the audit.

Based on international references that include the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this CSR Commitment label examines criteria on five general themes—CSR vision and associated governance, operational implementation of the CSR strategy, human resources and working conditions, sustainable production and consumption patterns, local commitment and development—in addition to three themes concerning environmental, social and economic results.

According to these evaluation criteria, Meteorage obtained impressive scores of more than 80% for business ethics, the place of CSR in the company’s strategy, and for training, skill development and career management.

A number of strengths were highlighted in the evaluation report on the policy, including:
Meteorage’s long-standing commitment, particularly on social themes,
the participative and long-established relations with stakeholders,
the Code of Ethics defining the fundamentals for relations with customers and suppliers,
the transparency recognized by the stakeholders interviewed,
the Social Responsibility which has long been part of Meteorage’s culture and organization,
the 40 objectives and indicators covering the 7 Core Subjects of ISO 26000, controlled in Management Reviews,
an important educational role with particular attention paid to avoid overly pessimistic communications,
the participative management method,
the adaptation of services to the needs of every customer.

The awarding of the “Confirmed” level of the CSR Commitment label is in line with evaluations regularly carried out by independent bodies. Certified ISO 9001 since 2003 and Qualifoudre since 2012, Meteorage has won the AFNOR “OR NORMES” award in 2019, rewarding its normative contribution to improving the protection of people.

This proudly obtained CSR Commitment label means that Meteorage’s driving purpose to save lives and protect property, by mitigating the risks generated by lightning, has become a long-term, integral part of its continuing mission, and has given new impetus to its CSR policy.
What our stakeholders think of us, as evaluated during the CSR Commitment label audit (Nov. 2022)

About the AFNOR Certification CSR Commitment label

The CSR Commitment Label is the reference label for evaluating the maturity of the CSR policies of organizations, on the basis of ISO 26000. The CSR Commitment Label is aimed at all types of organizations (companies, associations or local bodies) regardless of CSR maturity, the size of the entity, or the sector of activity.
The CSR Commitment Label is based on a reference framework consisting of 8 chapters including 55 evaluation criteria that challenge the organization on all 7 key principles and 7 core subjects of the ISO 26000 international standard. The reference framework also draws on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and allows organizations to obtain an overview of the level of contribution of their CSR policy to the 2030 Agenda.

About Meteorage

Since 1987, Meteorage, a subsidiary of Météo-France, has been operating a lightning detection network over a large part of Europe. A global player in lightning detection and thunderstorm monitoring, Meteorage generates and delivers information services, lightning risk prevention and decision-making services tailored to the issues faced by its users worldwide for numerous sectors (industry, transportation, networks, leisure, tourism, meteorological services, aviation, armed forces, wind turbines, etc.).
Meteorage also offers turnkey solutions for lightning detection networks to national meteorological services and network operators.
Its expertise enables it to respond to the major human, environmental, material and economic security issues of its customers and partners.
Its driving purpose, that of saving lives and protecting property by mitigating the risks generated by lightning, is part of its mission as a company serving the community with an ethical approach adopted by each of its employees, who are committed ambassadors.

Media contact:

Sabrina Boissinot, T. +33(0)6 31 98 60 84, sbo@meteorage.com.

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