Meteorage launches the GLISS project
Global Lightning Information Services System
Global Lighnting Information Services System

Dedicated to National Met Services, GLISS is a solution to help developing countries mitigate their lightning risks, without the delay required to deploy a system and the cost of maintaining such a system.

GLISS is the combination of the best worldwide lightning detection network and a data service platform that serves thousands of users worldwide.

The CATS platform generates a full range of lightning services, but also manages the data flow, handle the data base, monitor the operations and assess the quality of the outputs.

It fulfills the needs of end users by allowing them to analyse the risk exposure based on lightning climatology, get real time warning from nowcasting methods, follow the storm on their displays and check the correlation between the lightning information and any type of event, fault, incident, accident or declaration, in order to perform needed technical or contractual verification.

GLISS offers to NMSs an additional strategic tool; thanks to specific modules of applications, the solution is also adapted to the needs of civil aviation organizations and companies in the electric sector.

CATS can be operated in Software as a Service mode allowing immediate availability, or installed at the customer’s premises.