On 28 June 2023, Vaisala updated the algorithm of its GLD360 lightning detection network to version V4.1.

The new version of GLD360 makes data quality more uniform worldwide, to better match current specifications everywhere.

The update provides:

  • an improvement in location accuracy and detection efficiency, particularly for thunderstorms with low lightning counts that are typical of the highest latitudes, in the North and South,
  • a significant improvement in determining the polarity of intra-cloud flashes and therefore in classification (i.e. distinguishing between intra-cloud flashes and cloud-to-ground flashes),
  • better grouping of flashes and even fewer erroneous outliers, making it possible to better define the boundaries of thunderstorms and reduce the number of false alarms.

Thanks to METEORAGE, you can now benefit from this new version of the GDL360, which has been integrated into all our services.