Operator of the European lightning detection network
Global player in storm monitoring and lightning risk prevention
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An essential yet real danger

Not a single day goes by on Earth without lightning. Lightning maintains the electrical field of our planet and is therefore essential for life. However, it is also a source of danger that can lead to loss of human life, disasters, fires, and various other disruptions.

Lightning is dangerous. It can sometimes pose considerable risk. And expectations are very high.


Monitoring and prevention for better protection

As a global player in lightning risk-monitoring and prevention that is aware of these safety issues, we operate a lightning detection and storm-monitoring network using the very best technology.

We also provide information, lightning risk-prevention and decision-making support services adapted to our users’ needs. This allows them, for example, to ensure peoples’ safety during thunderstorms and to activate various procedures to safeguard core infrastructures.

Detecting thunderstorms, accurately locating lightning impacts and measuring the electrical activity of clouds allow us to tackle major human, environmental, material and economic safety issues.


Our commitment to the community

Our knowledge about lightning and our ambitious R&D policy have led us to contribute to the development of the scientific and technical culture within the public sphere, and better understand thunderstorms and how to protect against them. 

We try to give back in various ways and work to raise awareness of the dangers of lightning. We also contribute to education and teaching in our field of expertise.

As a subsidiary of Météo France (the French public service of meteorology and climatology), we encourage all our employees to commit to the community by working to achieve our mission with loyalty, honesty, and transparency.

29 employees

S.A.S. (French simplified joint stock company) established in 1987 & a subsidiary of: 



Technopole Hélioparc - CS 8011

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