Lightning information enables insurers to reach a judgement on the cause of damage resulting in a claim or to have the information they need to assess the level of risk.

Estimating the cost of lightning-related damage at billions of euros, insurers have been quick to grasp the value of information enabling them to reach an effective judgement on the role played by lightning in the damage, and thus to identify any fraudulent claims.

That information is used for damage suffered by industry and individuals (electrical damage, fires etc.) and in the agricultural world (livestock struck by lightning).


Our Solutions:


Météorage can offer information adapted to the different issues faced by the sector, such as:

  • Lightning strike records to help determine whether lightning was actually the cause of the damage.
  • Lightning strike statistics, helping in particular to improve assessment of insured parties’ exposure to lightning risk.
  • Prevention services, such as the Lightning alert, so that instructions can be sent out to some customers located in specific impacted areas.