To include the heat map on your website:

  • define the desired dimensions of the map by changing the width and height fields in the "Dimensions" box. . 
  • move the map with your mouse, zoom in or out according to the zone you want to display (using the + and - buttons at the top left of the map). 

Once these parameters have been defined, you can copy the text to be integrated (starting with "<iframe src") by clicking on the "copy" button to the right of the text. 

Paste this text into the back office of your website, on the page where you want to display the map. The map will be displayed according to the parameters you have just defined.  


Minimum height & width: 400px

Position and zoom

Use the map to define these.
  • Zoom level: 6
  • Coordinates: -

Note : Copy the text to be included by clicking on the button.