A global phenomenon
les orages et la foudre

Although lightning is essential to life as it helps to maintain our planet’s electric field, the phenomenon nevertheless remains dangerous. Storms are generated on Earth every day, featuring between six and eight million lightning strikes that can surpass an intensity of 200,000 amps.

The Earth does not go one day without a storm.

Contrary to popular belief, storms are not limited to the summer.
Lightning hits Western Europe more than 350 days a year. (Source: EUCLID Network and METEORAGE).

Did you know?

A storm develops from just one cloud, known as a cumulonimbus, which is distinguished by its vertical formation, sometimes surpassing heights of over 10 km.

Lightning flash tends to last for just a few milliseconds.
In certain extreme cases, it can last several seconds, though,
as demonstrated by the world record registered in Argentina in 2019: 16,73 seconds.