At each stage of a lightning detection network project, Météorage offers a tailored solution. Our skills, fine-tuned on the European market, are made available to operators via packages and services ranging from after-sales to operational support. 


To identify your needs and determine the functional perimeter of a lightning detection system, Météorage offers a customised methodology. From this phase onwards, Météorage is able to begin implementing services for end users, with global data from the GLD360 network, to initiate use and validate the economic model.

Specifying a network

To identify your needs in terms of data quality, management functionality and business application functionality, Météorage will provide you with sound independent advice.
Our experience of rolling out networks across the world and of processing data produced by various technologies guarantees you objective expertise every time.
Météorage, which is not part of the construction industry, is able to impartially propose technology that is best suited to your requirements. 
We can draw up specifications for the skills transfer and define the operational responsibilities involved in the smooth running of a lightning detection system.

Implementation of a lightning detection network

Météorage can provide a turnkey lightning detection network, as well as a lightning data management platform to validate this information.

We are the only company to include a transfer of technical, organisational and marketing know-how, which allows us to roll out a long-term operational solution that is autonomously managed by its owner.

Validation of lightning-related information

The service platform developed by Météorage is available in the form of a modular software package.

This robust solution, which boasts over 2,000 users in Europe, offers integrated information management of both lightning and client data.

It facilitates the implementation of ready-to-use services, a specific set-up for end users and the development of specialised solutions for integrating lightning-related data.