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Forecasters in meteorological services need to be able to track convective cells in real time and assess the level of risk they represent.

Complementary to satellite and radar data, lightning data from ground-based detection networks is decisive for this characterization.

Thanks to “lightning jump” (sudden increase in lightning density within a cell), the most dangerous thunderstorms can be identified in time. You can then transmit this key information to disaster management services and other institutional actors who need it, such as air traffic control. Automated storm alarms can also be broadcast directly to the populations concerned, fulfilling the UN objective of EW4All (Early Warnings for All).

In addition to real-time use in your governmental missions, lightning data archives will enable you to analyze incidents on request from your supervisory government office or to respond to external requests, from insurance companies for example. 

With a database of sufficient depth, you will also be able to establish a climatology of lightning activity in your country.

Whether access to lightning data takes the form of a subscription to a feed or the installation of a local detection network, meteorological services are now attaching great importance to the most downstream part of the information chain, called the “last mile.”

Providing services rather than data helps develop the uses of the information supplied, boosts your visibility and consolidates your position as the undisputed meteorological leader in your country. If your statutes allow it, it also offers you the possibility of generating revenue as part of a cost recovery strategy.

You are looking for a way to access lightning data and provide services using this data in order to:

  • respond to your governmental missions in the event of a severe thunderstorm,
  • analyze lightning activity in your country,
  • develop the uses of thunderstorm-related meteorological information,
  • generate an additional source of revenue.

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