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Lightning is a major threat to the oil and gas industry, with the potential to severely damage oil and gas pipelines, storage infrastructures, refineries and their protection systems.

The flammable materials in your installations considerably increase the likelihood of fire or explosion in the event of lightning.

Operational safety is therefore essential. Adopting a proactive approach will enable you to minimize these risks.

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When storm activity is detected within a 10-km radius, we are warned to stop our activities and evacuate the people on our site to safety in buildings with protection against lightning. Once the episode is over, we are informed once again and we can resume our activities. On the internet, I can also accurately follow the thunderstorm’s progress and see how many lightning strikes have hit the depot, so that the necessary measures can be taken, including checking our lightning protection systems.

[…]. This also enables us tocomply with regulations, which require us to detect lightning and count the number of strikes.

METEORAGE makes this task easier, helping us to make the right choices.”


Feluy oil depot, Belgium

METEORAGE’s lightning data forms an integral part of a site’s lightning-risk analysis, and is particularly useful when carrying out complex studies.

We not only integrate local lightning density, but also analyze the distribution of electrical discharge current, to determine whether the site is more severely struck by lightning than stipulated by the standard, or to take into account the seasonality of thunderstorms. Thirty years ago, the only data available was the number of days a human observer could hear thunder.

Today, thanks to METEORAGE, we can obtain detailed data on lightning strikes at a site, and learn more about the spatial representation and violence of the phenomenon, which we believe is crucial for protecting a site from lightning.”

Design office specializing in lightning-risk analysis for sensitive sites

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