Weather alarm for campgrounds

Stay informed of the meteorological risks for your site to ensure the continuity and rapid resumption of your activity.
Anticipate risks in order to calmly manage a crisis, keeping the people on your site safe, protecting your facilities, and reducing the associated economic losses.

(Service available in Europe)

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Thunderstorm alarm

Météorage’s professional NewsFlash service keeps you informed in real time of the imminent arrival of a thunderstorm at your campground.

When a storm episode approaches, threatening your site, you will receive a message (email/SMS) at the beginning of the episode so that you can take all the necessary action to ensure the safety of people and equipment. When the storm episode is over in your monitoring area, you will receive an end of alarm message so that you may resume the activities on your site safely.

Throughout the alarm period, you will have the possibility of displaying the storm phenomenon in real time on your smartphone or computer. 

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Strong wind alarm

Thanks to data provided by Météo-France, you will receive a meteorological warning message (email/SMS) informing you of a risk of winds above 80 km/h in the coming 24 hours. 

The schedule of risks enables you to plan your actions and organize your events accordingly, seven days in advance.

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Heavy rain/flood alarm

This service, provided by Predict Services, sends out a message (email/SMS) informing you in real time of a high-risk hydrometeorological situation (heavy rainfall, runoff, overflowing watercourses, coastal flooding, heavy snowfall, storm). Predict Services assists you before, during and after the situation to support your crisis management decision-making and to limit the consequences of these risks on your site.

You remain informed as the phenomenon unfolds, with various safety instructions, and you can follow the situation in real time from your customer area.

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Weather report

This bilingual report (French/English or English only) is customized for the subscriber’s site.

Updated constantly, it includes weather forecasts that concern your district and is accessible in your subscriber area or via an email sent at the time of your choice.

You can choose to display it permanently on screens, but you can also print out the PDF version at your convenience.